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Biblical Inerrancy: A Discussion

Comments by Stephen Kaufman - 3 December 1999

Thanks for reply, Frank. I realize it is a start, and the question is hard.

I agree that translations have often rendered meanings very different from the original Hebrew. I also agree that there is much wisdom and truth in these writings. Though I appreciate the honesty and frankness of your response, I still don't see how it addresses _why_ you believe the Hebrew Bible is inerrant. Perhaps this is a matter of faith, with little contribution from experience. I can certainly respect that, but such a stance will not encourage folks like me to hold the Bible as inerrant any more than other texts that some people deem holy and inerrant, such as the Koran.

If inerrancy could be defended against the skeptic's questions, then perhaps we could avoid the pitfalls of moral relativism by staking our position on a more firm frame of reference for morality.

In Christ's peace,


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