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Biblical Inerrancy: A Discussion

Question to, and Response by Frank L. Hoffman - 3 December 1999

Steve asks, "Frank: why do you believe in Biblical inerrancy?"

There is a difference between Bible inerrancy and Biblical translation and interpretation.

If we use the understanding of God's creation of the humans and the other animals as being neh-fesh khah-yaw (living souls), I truly believe the Hebrew is inerrant, for we can observe such qualities in both us and the animals. When translators only use soul for humans and creature for animals it implies something untrue. In this case the translation and interpretation in English is in error, for I believe that these translators fought against the unction of the Holy Spirit because they didn't want to admit that God created us all as living souls.

Another example is the way we glorify King David. David was a man after God's own heart, not because of his feats, but because of his repentant heart. If we remember, he was considered too unclean to build the Temple. We have a tendency to glorify the wrong things in our translation and interpretation. We always should go back to the original intent. When we do this, the inerrancy comes through from behind how we practice and interpret Scripture.

Jesus showed us the same things when He interpreted Scripture for us. What He tells us about marriage and divorce (Matthew 19:3-9) is a perfect example of how the hardness of heart leads to making errors in practice and interpretation, and not with God's intent.

The inerrancy is in the original, and not necessarily in all our translations today.

I hope this begins to answer your question.

In the Love of the Lord,


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