If Hell Does Exist, Most Humans Are Going There

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If Hell Does Exist, Most Humans Are Going There
Comments by Anthony - 31 Oct 2009

No, not cheap grace. I said if we truly repent. True repentance means that we will do our best to sin no more. If we have Christ's Spirit in us, then we are a new creature. There was nothing cheap about what Christ did on that cross. For those three hours while it was dark, He felt what Hell feels like for all. If we reject that, then there is no hope for us.

Listen, I apologize for the tone in some of my letters. I guess I was sort of taken aback by your website at first. That's no excuse and I hope you will forgive me. If you guys don't believe in eating meat, I can live with that. If you guys believe that those of us who eat meat are wrong, I can live with that too. We could still be friends. But, please, don't diminish the blood. When the High Priest went behind that veil and sprinkled that blood, those people, at first, knew the significance. That sweet smell that went up before God wasn't the smell of the animals, but the smell of those people's repentance and their heart.

Unfortunately, Israel's heart turned away from God. He rejected their sacrifice, not because it was meat, but because their heart turned away from Him. It became empty ritual. Empty ritual is always meaningless.

That has happened to probably most of us who claim to be God's people today. We go to church on Sunday and then talk about our neighbor behind his back on Monday. We do very little to relieve this World's suffering. You are right about that. We do very little to relieve the HUMAN suffering in this World much less animals. We destroy people with the words we say all of the time. Anyway, sorry for rambling and I hope, once again, that you will forgive me for my tone.