If Hell Does Exist, Most Humans Are Going There

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If Hell Does Exist, Most Humans Are Going There
Comments by Juli - 24 Jan 2009

I didn't say you were being hostile, Elaine; I repeated your words to Arthur about people not wanting to look at something that was "so negative and antagonistic."

Naturally, people are free to believe as they wish, about the Bible or anything at all. All I can say is, I'm most thankful that I don't believe most people will be condemned and cast by the Creator into unending agony in an eternal hell. The very idea to me sounds like a horror movie script with a demon Overlord in charge rather than a loving God. I'd far rather take my chances that in the end at judgment, I'll be apologizing to my Creator for having been unable to think of Him/Her like that, than for having thought of Him/Her like that.


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