If Hell Does Exist, Most Humans Are Going There

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If Hell Does Exist, Most Humans Are Going There
Comments by Arthur Poletti - 23 Jan 2009

Please read the following article that will soon be edited and published on several web sites in different formats.

For those of you that think the following article is appropriate please forward it to your friends and associates and any media organizations that may want to post the article or the future publication that will follow.

Every person that eats animal flesh, including President Barack Obama, Al Gore, Oprah Winfrey and their family members should read the following article.

Each of them should spend one day visiting a factory farm and slaughterhouse for an entire day to carefully view and *personally participate* in the torture and hideous, brutal, heartless killing and slaughter of an innocent, helpless, precious animal.

They should each look into the eyes of the animal before they cut its throat. Listen to it scream. Watch it writhe in agony. Watch it squirm and struggle and die in a pool of blood.

To feel the full impact and remember the full scope of the, once in a lifetime experience, they should make sure the flesh of the animals they tortured and killed is packed for them so they can take the flesh home and eat it!!

If President Barack Obama, and Al Gore, and Oprah Winfrey spent a day in a factory farm and slaughterhouse they would immediately become vegetarians that night!

Help me get this message and the attached article to President Obama, Oprah Winfrey, and Al Gore so they can know and understand why they must support and participate in the most important and urgently needed *Change* on earth.


Thank you

Arthur Poletti
Author of the short story: *God Does Not Eat Meat*
Read for free online at:

"All ancient philosophy was oriented toward the simplicity of life and taught a certain kind of modesty in one's need. In light of this, the few philosophic vegetarians have done more for mankind than all new philosophers, and as long as philosophers and world leaders *do not have the courage to* seek out a totally changed way of life and *to demonstrate it* by their example, they are worth nothing." Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900), German philosopher

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