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By Jordan - 5 Nov 2013

Thank yall for replying

Killing animals (deer, bear, squrial animals like that) for money sounds bad but its actually a good thing (i know it sound crule now but once im done it wont sond as bad) God put animals on this planet for use to enjoy and use the meat they provide

I know some people abuse this privlage given by god But 98.9%  of hunters  use every part of the animal they harvest that they can ( me personaly every time i take the life of a deer isay a prayer thanking god for providing me with this deer and letting me provide for my family ) but the first thig before i take the life of any deer i make sure its a clean kill before if i know its just gonna wound the animal i dont even try to (im tryin to word it the best i can) shoot it

Once i get out out of high school I plan to become a game warden To prevent people from abusing Hunting


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