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By Anjanette - 6 Sep 2012

Thanks for all the encouragement Frank, and all of you who are out there Living fully in the Truth of the Holy Spirit even in diet. And to all vegans out there thinking of Jesus, please know that I encourage you all as well. We are the fortunate few who recognize the fullness of the Lord calls for Mercy over ANY sacrifice. Please know other believers aren't there yet, but we pray they come to this soon, and the validity of needing Christ is that He craves a personal relationship with you too.

I love you all all. Blessings and Love.

With mercy my father wouldn't have died this way

My fathers death when I was young, that happened when I was two, was because he hadn't realized the importance of mercy to animals. He died in attempt to murder another being.

I grew up in a house with bear skin rugs and decapitated animals they called 'trophies' from what I call murder. It all seemed so barbaric and cruel to me as a child.

I hate violence, and the want to bring violence to any living creature is what killed my father.

He was a hunter, and as much as this hurts me to say, a murderer of innocent beings. In all worldly acceptable respects, my father was considered a good guy. He'd saved a guy after a car accident in high school, was very self sacrificing towards people, sang beautifully, played the guitar, and everyone said he had the greatest sense of humor and was very loving and patient, but not with animals. I mean he didn't blatantly abuse them. He owned a horse named 'Socks' when he was 6 years old and did tricks with it in a rodeo when he was that age. He was loving to Socks and took good care of him.

The day my dad was shot he was plowing land outside my hometown, he was on a tractor, with his gun. His gun had a hair trigger on it. What gun owners know as an experienced rifleman add on.

The story goes, the guy that was with him saw him reach for his gun to kill a snake, and in the moment he grabbed the gun, he grabbed it wrong, or the butt of the gun hit the tractor causing it to off.

It shot him at point blank range through the heart, and left him in a coma for several weeks in the hospital before he slowly, completely aspirated on his own blood. I often ponder if one of the thoughts that went through his head as he slipped away was if he'd just been merciful, would he have lived.

I share this story because my lesson from this was mercy on any living being could have saved a life.

This is part of my life that let me know becoming vegan was one of the wisest decisions of my life.