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Comments by Richard W. Firth - 19 Nov 2010

Dear Wonderful People

I have been posting on the Great Hunting Debate that started back in April with more than 1500 postings from all over the country.

Since they have brought up "religion" I tried to show them in a civilized manner how wrong it is to hunt and even posted great Christians who opposed such violence to animals. I recommended your website and provided them a link to access it.

Then they return and tear you apart. They won't accept anything against hunting and I finally rebuked them. I am sorry to see how low and utterly carnal the responses on boths sides became. I tried to tell our group to stop trying to get revenge and only seek to convert them but to no avail. I hope the animals don't suffer in the woods as a consequence.

I give you the link below where you can read what they said about you and my response

God bless you all so much.

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1 min ago

I have tried to show in a gentlemanly way certain facts that I feel are relevant to this debate, but the response I am getting, I cannot help but agree with other posters shows up the character of these individuals as to how uncouth, ill mannered and contemptible they can be.

To call a Christian website hosted by born again believing Christians supposedly their brothers and sisters in the Lord "slops" is absolutely inexcusable and shows the true, raw carnal nature of such persons. I wonder did they check out the website at all and if so I can't imagine how they would have such contempt for such loving, caring human beings who not dedicate their lives to serving humans but the animals as well.

I believe this will be my last post on this debate and in parting I would end with Jesus' words, "if your right eye causes you to sin, pluck it out". In the act of hunting many a hunter will sin. He will sin by trespassing on another's land. He will sin by getting drunk (an abomination to the Lord) and while drunk may burn down thousands of acres of woodland. He will get so worked up over thinking he sees his target and whether or not he is sure, will pull the trigger and unfortunatley kill a human or a non-target animal including someone's pet.

God indeed loves His creation and one day the hunter and those who live by the gun will have to surrender them to the Prince of Life, Jesus Christ, who will turn them into plow shares and pruning hooks. I hope I may be standing there to collect those guns and rifles.

Richard W. Firth