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Comments by Daniel - 14 Oct 2008

Greetings Mr. Hoffman,

My name is Dan and I am an avid hunter who lives in rural South Dakota. I was looking on your website and saw that your ministry works toward conservation and animal rights and are advocates for people to stop hunting. Though we probably disagree on some key points, I was impressed with your desire to share with others God's creation, your advancing awareness to the public about conservation issues, and your ability to see the hand of God in nature.

I was wondering Mr. Hoffman if you had any information about why a person shouldn't hunt as a Christian. Last year in school I attempted a research ethics paper on the topic. The more well thought through hunting camp had much information about conservation numbers and Scripture to reference (I realize when it comes to hunting the well thought through camp are few and far between). On the other hand, those advocating no hunting had very little facts, statistics, and conservation ethics to offer. I realize this lack of information was not because it does not exist, but probably more because I didn't look in the right spot. I was wondering if you had any of this information that I can use either in article form, books to pick up, or correspondence with informed parties.

This is not a loaded question. I truly desire to be challenged in issues of life and faith. I feel between Christian siblings there should be a free and respectful exchange of ideas that cause us to grow. I feel your group can help me with this.

Thank you for your time and for your ministry.

May God cause it to grow and bless you as well.


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