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Comments by Joy - 5 Aug 2008

I certainly thank you for taking the time to read and answer my questions.. That does make me feel better, because I wouldn't want to go against God. I totally agree with you.

I didn't quite understand that about the meat and war as that is not a part of the Bible that I am to knowledgeable in, I try to avoid those two subjects for lack of understanding. I am going to have to do a deeper study in this area so I have the right words when needed.

My heart feels it's wrong, and then the Bible kind of saying (according to others) it's ok, but yes I do understand, just like divorce, it was given permission, but was not so in the beginning,, Not sure why that didn't cross my mind though.

Right now Pray that God helps me show them how wrong it is, lovingly and in the right time with the correct answers.

Thank you.

I will add you to my prayers and I believe your site can help a lot of people.

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