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Comments by Michael - 4 Aug 2008

Re: Trophy hunting


I am not sure if you can help or direct me in the proper direction, but I thought I would ask.

Yesterday my wife and I went to look at a home that was for sale in Spartanburg, South Carolina. What we found was so repulsive, and I am not sure I will ever get that picture out of my mind. When we came to the bedroom we noticed a large room maybe 12x12 that had no less than 50 animal heads hanging from the walls. I turned and walked out.

The realtor said the guy who lives here is really a nice person and he just enjoys traveling to Africa and other parts of the world to hunt for these animals. I wish so much that I could find a way that would stop him from this macho sport. I would love to see a group of people outside this home showing the true side of this killing.

Thanks again for your help.


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