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Comments by Joy - 30 Jul 2008

It seems that people are getting the two mixed up. Hunting and eating meat. One can eat meat without being the one that "hunted" it.

I totally agree with you that there is just something not right with a Christians heart that can hunt and kill, and for me even for food.

Killing animals for clothing, like God did in the garden, killing for food, I suppose are all ok. But not for everyone...

To practice on squirrels and the other awful ugly things they use animals for is just despicable! I am having a hard time also with this hunting thing, as our pastors son is a hunter, has a farm, and is a taxidermist; and he eats, sleeps and talks everything hunting. We are at a distance because I have made more than one ' kind of rude" comment about it. This is not the way for his family and ours to find a common ground so this doesn't eat at him or me. Hunting is legal and not a sin he says. I say I don't want to go on the hunt with you. You can't say, you got a camera for your birthday, and his response would be, "what's ya gona shoot with that? the neighborhood cat? some squirrels? It just sounds ugly to me.

Now he says things to my grandson like " I can show you 4 men right out of the bible that were hunters.... and even very detailed when it comes to talking about war with the two edged sword. I get so angry inside and that is not fair either. That is his living and not committing a sin and he is a very good Christian man and very biblical. I don't see how Christians' think it's ok, and they don't see how we don't think it's ok. The problem is that it can cause a lot of tension between people.

All I know is we both need prayer, because like us right now we are in danger of bears behind our house, and God doesn't want us in danger, and I don't want the kids in danger either, but it seems like people that hunt is kind of like stealing. That first time you get this really scared, hot feeling but if you continue stealing you get harder and harder and before you know it "it's ok. Hunting for food and putting it in the freezer is sort of kind of one thing, but then we don't need to do that now a days, but then the world would be over run with animals that are dangerous, I personally can't do it. but I can cut up the meat for the freezer so I guess I'm kind of no better. All though I am not much of a meat eater, I don't know but it's the hunt and kill thing. Animals don't have a chance against it either. So still no black and white answer.

Love your site though.


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