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Comments by Steven - 6 Mar 2008

Recently I have changed several of my opinions about hunting, they are no longer the same ones that I expressed to you some time ago. I would like for you to please remove the old email that you have from me from your website, if it is no trouble, because it does not reflect my current position regarding hunting practices. See: Comments by Steven - 6 Apr 2006

I thank you sincerely for your time and God bless,


[Ed. Note] We asked Steven if removing his last name was acceptable, and Steven replied:

Dear Frank and Mary,

Thank you for the prompt response. Removing my last name would be fine.

Recently, I have given up bow completely and have focused on firearm target practice. While I continue to hunt, I hunt small game only. Even then, only rarely. I still do not see a moral conflict with hunting, but many hunters are disrespectful, to the point that I would rather remove myself from that group.

Thank you again,


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