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Comments by Tsa'ni (John) GrosVenor - 1 Oct 2007

Frank our (my stepdaughter) married a Jewish man. His father was in a "work camp" in Hungary. That's because he was young and had good teeth and in petty good health. He was there for several years. when he was released, he went to some Jewish brothers and asked for help to get back on his feet. They slammed the door in his face.

Part of our work is in healing and reconciliation. It's a slow process. Between the "newcomers" who occupy a Valley where the First Nations people in that Valley were given 15 minutes to pack up and leave. It's the same over our sacred land. So that is part of our work. We are thankful for our People who did their best to preserve our land and to fight for our dignity and way of life.

I hate war. Yet, Indian People are not pacifists. I had a cousins once who said that if a burglar entered his home and raped his wife,,,he would just let him do it. I am not a pacifist, Even though I hate war, I do believe in defending our land and in self-defense. But, not to initiate a fight or war.

In American Indian powwows, it's the only place where a veteran is truly honored. Nowhere in America is there such respect and honor given. Many non-Indians vets come and are shocked that they are given such honor as 'warriors'.

By the past, I meant that we work at healing/reconciliation. But also to regain and/or maintain our ceremonies and way of life that the Creator gave the People.

Yet, I wish my ancestors had a better immigration policy......

So, yes, do hi ale do hidv
peach and good health


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