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Comments by Gerri GrosVenor - 1 Oct 2007


I'm Tsa'ni's wife and I was reading your response to his email. As you mention traditions, I don't think you understand what he meant. For us as First Nation people we need to bring back some of our traditions. It's a part of healing as who the Lord (WakanTanka) made us to be. What was handed to our people was a gospel of materialism, to be like everyone else. In my case, the Yankton Sioux men were given out black suits, this made them good Christians. There wasn't anything wrong with our clothes and we didn't need someone to tell us how to dress.

The Holy Spirit gives us instructions through his word. We once had bands and each one had a chief. But, my people were forbidden, so we became unbalance. The alcohol was introduced to my people to deceive them of their land, and today we are going back to Federal Court to fight for our boundaries. South Dakota is one of the most prejudice States that hates the Sioux people. My daughter's in-laws understand the Native perspective, because as you know the Jewish people still fight for what God gave to them.

As for the doves, a friend of ours put up the meshed screen to close off the opening. So now the doves are safe, and we no longer have bird droppings all over our garage.

Thank you for writing and we appreciate your caring for the birds.

Basically Native people love the land and all that the Creator has made.

I don't know how Tsa'ni found your website. We love Jesus the Christ and will continue to do His work here.

Gerri GO.

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