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Comments by Tsa'ni (John) GrosVenor - 30 Sep 2007


I don't know if I reply or not. Can't remember.

So will give a quick response just in case I did already.

Just one thing: Indians have been so beat up, de-humanized, fell prey of genocide (physical and cultural) that many of us do not ---ever intend to forget our past. Never.

Many of our "old" days and ways were righteous and from Above.

In the early 'development' of "America" the colonists did not consider Indian People to be human. Then in the late 1800's Congress had a vote whether Indians were human or not. Well, congress voted that Indians were human, thus, in 1924 Indians were considered to be United States Citizens. Imagine....after fighting to preserve Indian culture, Divine languages, and ceremonies; after helping the British (and sometimes the French) to protect this land, and fighting in the Spanish American War, WWI, WWII, Koran and other wars, they were not even "human".

Canada had the same attitude, by the way.

We are involved right now in maintaining and bringing back Traditional ceremonies and languages. It will happen. Yes.

I'll not respond about ARA. The local people you belong to might be peaceful. But, I do know from first hand experience that ARA has committed burglaries and terrorist tactics. But, your group might be different.

A young Cherokee boy was walking along a path when he saw a caterpillar on a tree branch. The butterfly in side was struggling to get out. The boy thought: "I'll save him all this struggle". So the boy cut the end of the caterpillar. The butterfly dropped to the ground. But, because it's struggle (pain or suffering) was interrupted, the butterfly could not fly. It's wings were too weak to fly. Just a thought.

Do hi

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