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Comments by Tsa'ni (John) GrosVenor - 26 Sep 2007

I cannot agree at all with your ban on hunting. To us American Indians, there is a close relationship between Creator, us and the animals. To hunt is a spiritual relationship. We do not hunt for "sport" or "trophies".

We have been told of the terrorism that Animal Rights conducts. We are sad if this is true.

We value our traditions and balance Creator asked us to keep between the Earth and animals He gave us to care for. But, the balance was given to us People to keep long before the European came here. But, this is something non-Indians just do not understand.

We do have a whole flock of pigeons that poop all over other bird feeders, chairs, and everything else that can be ruined by their poop.
Perhaps you don't mind your things being pooped on, especially your car.

Anyway, I am out of ideas how to deal with pigeon poop. One company wants to sell me some "ultra sound" gadget that costs about $500. That's an insult for low income and elder people.

do no da go hv i do hi ale do hidv
we'll see you later peace and good health

tsa'ni (john)

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