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Comments by Philip Lewer - 17 Mar 2007

You are correct, I do not need to kill to eat. I could get a slab of cow wrapped in styrofoam and plastic and simply not think of where it came from as so many people do, or I could go out and get it myself.

As I said before, I do not just hunt to kill. There is so much more to hunting than just killing. Hunting waterfowl, calling in your game, and landing them over decoys is an amazing experience, shooting is just one part. As I said before, if I just wanted to partake in killing, I could go buy some birds and shoot them.

I take pleasure in hunting. I certainly like shooting ducks, wild ducks, that take hard work to shoot. I do not take pleasure in their pain and I do not let them suffer as they are immediately reduced to posession if they are crippled. After every hunt, and before every hunt, I pray and thank God for what he has provided. If I have a good hunt, I go home and have a feast. If it's a slow day in the duck blind, I have spent time with a friend or a brother in the blind and I know that there will be better hunts to come.

If we realy want God to Bless America and the earth, I do not believe God wants us to go vegan. God did not create us to be vegan. I know that people can live long healthy lives without ever eating meat. I am not a fan of eating substitutes for something that God has given me and wants me to have, other animals to enjoy, and sometimes eat. Are we simply to sit back and watch the other creatures of the earth partake in nature, and kill an eat eachother as they were made to do, or are we designed to take part in the hunt? I believe that we are to take part in the hunt.

God Bless

Phil A couple of verses to look up
Deuteronomy 14:4-5; Leviticus 17:13, and Genesis 9:3