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Comments by Steven - 6 Apr 2006

First of all I would just like to say that I like your web site a lot, and I deeply respect your feelings about animal cruelty. You are doing a public service, by keeping a much needed eye on the meat industry, and the scientific population. I consider myself an animal lover as well, so I feel we can understand the compassion that we both share for our furry friends. That said I am a bit concerned about your presentation of hunting as a "blood sport." I am a hunter, and I don't see how this is cruel or inhumane. I like to hunt with ancient methods, I use a bow that I made myself out of a tree I cut myself, and I eat/use all parts of the animal that has given itself to me. I have other friends who do not employ such methods, they hunt with guns (cheaters ;)), but they all consume the meat that they kill, and the one who doesn't eat his deer meat gives it away to a food bank to help feed the local poor. In a time of chemical meat treatments an steroid saturated beef, those of us who do not wish to go vegetarian are hard pressed to find natural meat. Hunting is one of the few ways that we can get meat without getting all the other bad stuff. Also, in Virginia, the deer population is getting out of hand. This is admittedly our fault, because we killed all of the apex predators, but that was many years ago. Now if we do not keep the deer population in check they will reproduce to the point where they starve to death. Even now new hunting restrictions have led to deer die-offs, and sickly under fed deer. So the choice is between killing some deer quickly, or letting large numbers die slow deaths because of starvation. Some hunters are bad people, but so are some animal activists, the so called "mean greenies." But they do not speak for the whole animal activist population, just as the bad hunters should not speak for all hunters in general. I do not hunt because I love to kill animals, I hunt because I love animals.

Thank you for your time, and God bless,


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