Heifer Project International - Inhumanity in the Name of Humanity
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Heifer Project International - Inhumanity in the Name of Humanity
Comments by: Mike Shaw - 24 Oct 2003

Hi Steve,

I have heard the argument you present before from others... The argument that there are some places where the ground is not suitable for grain and thus the people have to eat the animals that feed on plants.

I have heard this is why Tibetan Buddhists eat meat.... Well, to me that just doesn't make sense... If the land is fertile enough to feed all the animals needed for human consumption, then why can't that same ground produce human grains?

I know nothing about farming, but it just seems odd that they can not find a way to grow human food in these areas, yet they have enough food for animals to feed on and then eat the animals.... Inside, I believe that if Tibetans and other folks in these situations were determined to find a way to grow grains for human consumption then they would.

This same argument goes for Eskimos. People say they do not have enough plants or warm time to grow plants... But, as far as I am concerned, we now live in an age of planes, boats, trucks and trains and as such, we can ship these folks, be they Tibetans or Eskimos, all the plant food they need.


Mike Shaw

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