Heifer Project International - Inhumanity in the Name of Humanity
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Heifer Project International - Inhumanity in the Name of Humanity
Comments by: Deanna Wagner - 23 Oct 2003

I'm with you, Dena. It's weird that this group talks about sustaining health, but even if the intentions are honorable, animals need food and water too, not just the "training" they talk about. These resources are in demand for people, so I believe this could have immediate detrimental effects to people in the region. Who to feed, the child or the goat? Why not just give the grain; like you said, cheap seed to grow grain and legumes. Once the animal is dead, no more food source. And as far as milk goes, many races of human beings don't tolerate milk. It's not an efficient or ecologically sustainable program, and one, I feel, that is very ethnocentric.

I guess it brings to mind Easter bunnies and chicks. Many of us are appalled at the careless giving of animals to children around holiday times.

These animals are often neglected at best. Is it any better to ship live animals off to developing nations where these animals may not receive proper care? We slaughter something like 25 billion animals in the US alone annually. Do we REALLY want more western livestock farming practices spread across the globe? Will that promote long life and good stewardship, or will western allopathic medicine's disease management with drugs and surgery - costing ever more to treat ever more common lifestyle illnesses -be needed as well? Animal products are simply not known for their health benefits, rather they are better known for producing disease in humans. SARS is just the latest in a long list. Nice gift.

It may be complex to feed those in need, but seed is cheaper in the long run for many reasons. Dried grains and beans are easier to ship and store longer than a live animal, which might die of disease itself. Strange idea, alright. I wonder who their major contributors are?


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