Heifer Project International - Inhumanity in the Name of Humanity
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Heifer Project International - Inhumanity in the Name of Humanity
Comments by: DeRonda E. Elliot - 24 Oct 2003


Ah, Heifer Project International. It's been around for many years now and is SO popular with church congregations ....I'll bet churches are their main contributors. The slick, sophisticated marketing methods that they use have been extremely successful. And it is very hard to talk a congregation out of supporting this, once they have made up their minds and the pastor has supported it.

Evelyn Giefer, one of our members has done EXTENSIVE research on their methods and the treatment of the animals-- perhaps more than anyone else. She and I gave a presentation at her church in an attempt to squelch the project using lots of factual information--not only about animal treatment, but about health-- that made the project questionable, and no dice. We were summarily dismissed.

Everything that has been said by our members is so true. I wonder if there is any way we could compose a letter (or letterS) to the people who run the 'charity,' giving all our logical arguments in the nicest, most rational way possible, to attempt to have them at least change the focus of their giving to plant-based products. We could speak in the name of the CVA.

Perhaps one letter, edited/approved by Steve with a lot of signatures would work best. I am with Steve in understanding that it is largely out of ignorance that people begin these things and buy into them. They honestly think they are doing a good thing.

Any comments on the feasibility of this?

For the animals, for health, for the planet,

Rondy Elliott

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