Heifer Project International - Inhumanity in the Name of Humanity
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Heifer Project International - Inhumanity in the Name of Humanity
Comments by: Ann - 15 Apr 2006


I found your site on the internet well looking up Heifer International. So here our my comments:

I respect your thoughts, and I understand what your are saying. Yes it does seem sad that pigs and rabbits are being eaten and killed, but when a little girl asks why I gave money for rabbits to be killed I will say I did it because I would rather see a little boy or little girl live and eat rather than have a fat live pet rabbit hopping around.

Please don't get me wrong, I love animals very much, I happen to raise pet rabbits and goats, I also have a billion dogs and cats that I took in as strays. I love pets and animals.

It may seem hard to you that animals have to die so that people can live, but I must ask you this, do you eat animals or animal products? Do you wear animal products? And as for the the animals that are killed because that can't pull a plow anymore because they are old, well at least they provide a good meal for the family that owns them.

I am not saying I agree with the fact that there aren't vets to take care of them, I think that they should look into that, but don't you think it is more important that people are feed and educated first? And as for the goat that got stuck while birthing, well in working with animals my whole life, I must say that if an animal can sense you are trying to help them, they will usually hold still, and the animal was most likely held by a few other people, when I had animal get bloat we had to hold him to put a tube down his throat, we had called the vet, but the vet was on another emergency call so we had to save the goats by our selves.

I understand what you are are thinking but until you YOURSELF get out there and try to make a difference and feed a starving family, I don't think you have a right to talk bad about people who DO TRY and make a difference.

Those are my comments thank you for your time.


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