Heifer Project International - Inhumanity in the Name of Humanity
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Heifer Project International - Inhumanity in the Name of Humanity
Comments by: Frank and Mary Hoffman - 6 Mar 2006

Dear Joel:

Thank you for writing.

We beg to differ with you, but the people who write most of these articles are knowledgeable in both agriculture and economics, as well as being compassionate individuals. HIPPO Charity, for one, has proven that plant agriculture is much more efficient, than animal agriculture, when it comes to feeding people.

You mention about providing good literature to animal welfare organizations, but what is even more important is truthful literature. What goes on with commercial farmed animal operations is horrific, and many small operations aren't a whole lot better.

The predator/prey argument really isn't true when it comes to humans, because we don't need to eat animals. There are more than an abundance of plant foods to eat, and we'd be a lot healthier if we ate a plant based diet.

Your land economics are way off. Raising animals takes a lot more land. Even the most efficient, chickens, take nearly three times as most land to provide the same caloric value of food for humans.

Instead of learning how to more efficiently abuse animals, why not concentrate your energies in learning how to provide sustainable plant agriculture to places in the world that don't have enough food.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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