How Do Animals Perceive Death?

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How Do Animals Perceive Death?
Comments by Vickie - 19 Apr 2008

Hi there,

I just stumbled across your site, as I am recovering from grieving my first kitty cat who got ill pretty quickly (she was a 13 1/2 year old wounded street rescue) and after many tests at a specialists center was declared a-ok, then passed one month later.. shocking is not the word.

Just a quick thought or 2 please?: I think they do know they are going, and I believe they are more in touch with nature than us, have less fear than us over natural processes (like death, etc). If you have time, do a quick search on "Oscar the cat, who predicted 25 nursing home deaths", it's fascinating, for sure. Even the doctors firmly believe in his ability. You do mention, no one comes back to tell us about the may want to look into credible Near Death Experience research, there are hundreds if not more, stories of adults and children (too young to have read about nde's), who have survived true near-death -and have literally no fear of death whatsoever now. None. 0%. That is the ONE commonality of all true nde's; the complete lack of fear of death. it is a fascinating subject. If interested, try Dr. Melvin Morse (doctor with published books on his NDE research).

I am a Christian, and I think this only confirms even more, for me at least, (who, as a human can sometimes still be skeptical, but that's why it's called Faith - it simply cannot be proven) - it confirms for me the presence of afterlife or returning to 'original energy-state', whatever it truly is. and I think animals know this better than us. I think they are, perhaps, purer in Spirit and thus - closer to God.

My last thought is, they do not want to leave us either...and that is what the fear may be, especially if they were lucky enough to be with very loving owners. Have no regrets, if possible - I am working on that myself. Whatever was done (or not done) was done with Love. It is the most singly confusing time, especially with an animal whom you can not speak with to hear their wishes directly. Again, I base this on humans who can speak, have been there, and have no fear. God Bless You! Thank you for the site. We all need to help each other more. <:



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