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The Power of Hell
This discussion began with the publishing of the sermon:

Comments by Frank L. Hoffman - 9 Feb 2003

Dear Sue, Kim and Steve:

We appreciate your comments.

My answer to Kim's question about the presence of the Holy Spirit is that not everyone who says they are born again really is, and thus they don't have the indwelling of the Holy Spirit for protection, but even so, I believe that the Holy Spirit still prompts us to the ways of God.

Also, and somewhat closer to Steve's comments, but I don't believe Jesus could be tempted to the point of sinning, people can be tempted, even those with the Holy Spirit, and that was the point of the sermon.

When people, even believers, turn away from God to the ways of the world, they also block the prompting of the Holy Spirit. I found this abundantly clear during my years of prison ministry. I must have talked to 500 inmates about this. My question to them was, "Before you did what you did that sent you to prison, did you hear that quiet inner voice telling you not to do it?" To a man, they said, "Yes!"

Many of these men were born again and came from families with a solid religious background, but they turned away. I don't believe that the dividing line is as clear cut as one might assume.

And, to come back to Sue's comments, violence of any kind, whether to humans, animals or the environment, is all part of a person's turning away from God, for a true child of God is also a peacemaker (Matthew 5:9).

In the Love of the Lord,


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