God's Love for Animals

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God's Love for Animals
Comments by John Fair - 13 Feb 2011

In Reference to the Article: God's Love For Animals

Animals were put on earth for a reason. No where in the Bible does it say that animals are our equal. I do not believe that animal cruelty is right. I believe people should be allowed to have pets, but at the same time they should be responsible and loving towards their pets.

Another thing that I do not believe though, is the criticism of hunters. This is entirely wrong. Animals where made by God for humans, which where made in his image. Animals where not, and are not made in Gods image. They do not have the restraint and critical thinking of humans to make the choice to follow God or not. For this reason I believe that hunting is something that people can do if done respectably. There is no need to fence an animal in and shoot it, but if the process of going outdoors, spending time with your friends, and doing something that you enjoy, that your forefathers and their fathers and so on have done, then there is no wrong in following your tradition.