God's Love for Animals

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God's Love for Animals
Comments by Thisara - 30 Nov 2010

In Reference to the Article: God's Love For Animals

Dear Sir,

I read your excellent article (http://www.all-creatures.org/articles/an-tpr-godslove.html). We must distribute this article all over the world. I love animals quite a lot. Me and my family had spent lot of money to free animals who were subject to death for meat. I thoroughly believe that animals have the same rights as humans in this world.

I'm a Theravada Buddhist in Sri Lanka. First principle in Buddhism is the five precepts (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Five_Precepts). That is if one needs to become a Buddhist, he should promise five things to himself. The first most one is "I undertake the training rule to abstain from taking life". See how our religions have things in common.

However the real message of God didn't given to ordinary people. In Sri Lanka, I was told by my Catholic & Muslim friends who eat lots of meat everyday that "God created all living beings for the consumption of humans". I was really wondering a real great human being like Jesus Christ who was talking about love in his entire life had stated something like that. But now I know the people have changed the religions to fulfill their greediness.

Please sir, distribute your article around the world. Your statements are very meaningful and logical.

I really love you. May god bless you, protect you and provide everything you wish to have always.

May all living beings live free from suffering!!!

Kind Regards,