God's Love for Animals

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God's Love for Animals
Comments by Judy Nelson - 14 Dec 2009

In Reference to the Article: God's Love For Animals

Thank you so much for your article on God's love of animals. I have my goats, chickens and kittens in my cement basement for the winter because I believe -40 in winter is too cold.

A girlfriend of mine's Golden retriever had pups 5 weeks ago and it is now -20 and she has them outside with not even a heat lamp. In Canada it is cold and these pups are shivering. The mother is trying to get into the house even though she knows she is not allowed. Her nipples must be very cold since they are bare and wet from the pups sucking.

She asked us to go with her family to mass on the 24th of December and I am going to tell her that people that have a high regard for Christ and such a low regard for God's creatures are not the people I want to worship with. I would feel like a hypocrite.

I love animals so much and the Mennonites and their offshoots around here forbid any animals in the house at any time and I think that is wrong if they are so uncomfortable outside.

Thanks for the scriptures. They back up my thoughts.

Judy Nelson
Devlin, Ontario