God's Love for Animals

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God's Love for Animals
Comments by Mandi Thompson - 2 Oct 2007

In Reference to the Article: God's Love For Animals


I am someone who is simply on my own personal journey, regarding animals and their souls. Just have a few queries/questions regarding this paper and would appreciate feedback.

Regarding the story of God rebuking Balaam for beating his donkey, in my bible (I believe there is only one, even though different translations) In Exodus 22:verses 32-33 don't exist! I believe there has been a misprint here, but it appears that this hasn't been picked up on since the paper was written in Nov 2006. The story is of course elsewhere, but not sure where it is.

In Ezekiel 34:2-4, is this specifically referring to how leaders treat those human beings under them, those who are weak in faith or in less fortunate positions - or does the author perceive it to be ambiguous?!?

Thank you,

Mandi Thompson
(Eastbourne, UK)