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By Greg - 29 Nov 2016

Dear John,

I sincerely believe you are well-intentioned. However, there are several thousand sects of Protestant denominations. They all differ in how they interpret scripture which is what separates them by belief.  They also all say their interpretations are guided by the Holy Spirit but we both know that if that were true they would all come to the same conclusion because God is perfect and does not make mistakes. This is the danger in private interpretation to the extent you doing it and sharing it with others. Remember, Jesus came to establish a church...   "upon this rock I will build my church..."   Yes, scripture is the word of God and it is good for teaching and inspiration but scripture also tells us to "hold fast to the traditions..."  So who can interpret God's word and lead us in worshiping Him, the church He founded for us.

There is only one church which started at the time of Christ and that is the Catholic Church. Jesus said that "even against the gates of hell, my church shall prevail." Therefore, the true Church must be on that started at the time of Christ and lasted until present day and there is only one...   not one started by Martin Luther or others after the 16th century. Thousands of experts in history, philosophy, theology and language from the church decided which books would be included in scripture many years ago. Would God allow man's salvation to depend on the ability to read? The printing press wasn't even around nor books published until after the 16th century...  the church is what God gave us to be led to salvation. Your conclusions and deductions along with the arbitrary and cavalier manner you dismiss God's word as being a forgery is astounding and disheartening. I don't mean to be insulting because I think you are well-intentioned but clearly misguided. I think you are searching for God but search your heart John and look into the Catholic faith. Once you do you will have an epiphany and your eyes and heart will truly be opened.

Sincerely in Christ,


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