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By Debra Robinson - 20 Nov 2013

Dear John Vujicic
I have just come across your very interesting topic which I found very uplifting and I am very grateful for your research.
For many years I have not been able to understand why Jehovah said we could eat meat for the following reasons:

  • I am vegan and found it not worthy of a loving creator to want part of his creation killed.
  • I could not understand why a creator would tell one of his creations to kill another of his creation.
  • By telling them to eat meat it would be lining them up for all sorts of diseases, illnesses and shortened lifespan.
  • We know today that meat is bad for you, and if we know it then Jehovah most certainly knew it before we did.

It just has never made sense to me at all.
I really appreciate this article and thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Kind Regards
Debra Robinson

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