Commentary on Genesis 9:2-4


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Commentary on Genesis 9:2-4
By Ron Rapee - 2 Jan 2010

Why does the reference of Remes in the Bible have to be for reptiles? The Hebrew word Remes is defined as small creatures that move close to the ground and can just as well constitute small rodents, insects or other small creatures as well as reptiles. The use of the word Remes in the Biblical text never definitively states reptiles as the true meaning Reptiles would fall in the category of beasts as most people have never seen them in those times in that area.

As for the taking of life blood I believe that God was referring to drinking of blood and eating of the flesh from living animals that was and still is commonly practiced in many parts of the uncivilized world to day. Once a creature of God is dead there is no longer life blood because the body cannot transfer oxygen into the blood to sustain life. The taking of these creatures lives to provide food for Man was allowed by God for man to survive . I do agree with the bibles teachings that it is a sin to kill But in the same breath The lord god Has given us that choice for life.

Ron Rapee