Commentary on Genesis 9:2-4


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Commentary on Genesis 9:2-4
By Davida Rosenberg - 31 Oct 2009

Shabbat Shalom.

As for me, I am loathe to think of an innocent animal, let alone the Son of The Eternal suffer for me and yet... the price of our redemption is exceedingly great and heart wrenching.

Because of the first sin, Yeshua was slain from the foundation of the world. The Creator saw that death would result from a rape of innocence; the temptation of Eve.. and also it was a temptation of Adam; he failed equally, if not more so. It was his place to protect her and to honor The Voice which walked in the Garden in the cool of the night. But we all can place blame easily in hindsight can't we? oh wretched people that we are.

When we were exiled to Babylon and had no temple to offer sacrifices to... did that mean the sins of that generation were not forgiven? For 70 years, they had no temple and no alter and no offering! What shall we say of that?

To me, it speaks of David's word... sacrifice and offering you did not desire... also... a contrite heart you will not despise....G-d looks for a man to feel repentance and to turn from his wrong ways... and then he would be accepted... but yes...blood was always necessary... it was necessary to show mankind the horrors of seeing bloodshed... from an innocent lamb/bird/bull. IT WAS UGLY. PEOPLE WERE MORE PRIMITIVE THEN.. THEY WERE USED TO THAT CULTURE OF SACRIFICES.

When Yeshua came... bless Him... all those bulls and goats POINTED TO HIM! That one man.. one solitary man could balance the scales of sin with his own solitary life... pitted against the rivers of blood of sacrifices over the millennia until He arrived. I think it was 'allowed' and put into place'... so that the death of the Redeemer could have the Profound Magnitude of Captivating the Souls of Humanity... in the Highest degree of it's profound meaning.

I also think... that you're right. Some Jews when they slit an animals throat do it and seem to not be affected by what they have if this animals death means all that much to G-d.. who created that animal for His own pleasure! They seem to do it ... so casually... they are trained to do it! and I hate it!

I saw this done once on a video and even then I got sick and turned away.. a beautiful little gentle lamb; such a beautiful innocent... I can't take it! and as for me... no, I can't take it... and maybe for people like us... who can't really see the message of the animal.. but see the sin of sin... that because we hate it... we were shown the beauty of Messiah Yeshua... and the rest of our tribes have not yet THOUGHT THAT DEEPLY???

I've also read/heard that in the 3rd temple.. or the millennial temple.. there will be offerings. Why is it written that way? I was told it is for a 'memorial'.. oh even at that I can't take it! I really can't.