Commentary on Genesis 9:2-4


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Commentary on Genesis 9:2-4
By Davida Rosenberg - 27 Oct 2009

Look at the example of Paul. He continued to submit to the Temple regulations even though he well understood the meaning of the arrival of Messiah.

Also, there is a verse 'somewhere'.. that indicates there will be sacrifices at the 3rd Temple services as a 'MEMORIAL.'

As if the blood of goats and bulls can take the place of a contrite heart; of a broken heart, G-d 'will not despise.'

Israel looks to rebuild the Temple and surely there will be sacrifices. I cannot take it; it truly sickens me to the core; and I am a Jew. If... the food would be consumed by the priests for food... during the tempel service; that would not be much different than you or I going into a supermarket and buying meat for dinner. I, HOWEVER, HAVE FORSAKEN THE EATING OF MEAT AS A PERSONAL CHOICE. The only meat I will eat is is 'chicken'... and fish. I cannot bear to look into the eyes of a lamb or a cow.. and desire it for my food. It breaks my heart.

IN THE MILLENNIAL KINGDOM, THE FEASTS WILL STILL BE OBSERVED; the Torah will still be in effect... ruled over by Yeshua The King. After Adam and Eve 'fell'... this is where we were banished from THE GARDEN... WHERE NO BLOOD WAS SHED... LIFE WAS PURE AND ETERNAL. When we were sent here.. blood was required to atone for our sins.

I believe.. the people were primitive in their thinking.. yes. Blood was part of the day; food was the cattle which lived among them in their flocks. Even Abraham offered meat and curds to the 3 visitors.... who I believe was A VISITATION FROM THE DIVINITY. And they did eat.

Truly, this calls for 'a highly mature pursuit of Truth.' I am willing to search for it with you.

Yet... this is a holy subject and worth studying. Let's continue the endeavor.