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The Attraction of Evil
Commentary concerning the sermon The Attraction of Evil

By: Andres De Mayo - 29 Sep 2002

Dear All-Creatures,

I read your Sermon on the attraction of evil, and how human beings are attracted to evil because we are of the flesh, and our minds think things of the flesh and not of the spirit.  I am not condoning this behavior at all.  I believe as Christians, we should turn away from this violence and sex in the media, and follow the path of God.  That is great, but it's missing the mark, in my humble opinion.  The reason being that In the Garden of Eden, Man sinned and through that one instance of sin, caused all of mankind to be plunged in sin, because, like Jesus, Adam was the representative of mankind.

Once he sinned, we all sinned by proxy of Adam.  Therefore, we as sinners, cannot help but be attracted to the lust of the flesh.  We should try to avoid sex, violence and evil in the media, but avoiding it will not make us better people.  I put no faith in my human nature and, instead, must put my faith in Jesus Christ, who took the punishment of sin in my stead.  This is a message that seemed to be lacking in your Sermon, unless I missed something.  Faith in Jesus Christ, not in ourselves.


Concerned Christian

P.S. If you do read this, PLEASE send me a reply.  I don't want you to think
I enjoy trying to shoot down your sermon.  Instead I want to understand it.

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