Environmental Impact

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Environmental Impact
By Lynda - 31 Mar 2012

We live on a small peninsula on the coast in Devon, England.  A large factory dairy farm has gradually evolved by means of retrospective planning applications and an inefficient local authority.  Our home, which we have happily lived in for fifteen years, is surrounded by fields, either owned by the owner of the factory or other farmers.  We have massive slurry lagoons, one of which has not yet got planning permission.  The other farmers are also spreading the slurry on their fields as it is being given away free.  Our problem first became noticeable in December 2010.

In May 2011, having suffered from cancer, I had a series of scans and x-rays which were all clear.  In other words I had no lung disease.  I had also had scans during the cancer which again showed no lung disease.

Last week I had a scan as part of my post cancer checks.  This is showing lung disease. They have ruled out cancer and they think it is Sarcoidosis but I am still waiting for the biopsy results. I am absolutely convinced the excessive dumping of slurry has triggered the disease.  Have you any data and statistics on the connection of intensive dairy farming and the production of slurry and lung disease. The interesting thing is that I have medical proof that ten months ago I had no lung disease, the problem with the dumping started about  fifteen months ago and I now have lung disease.

Look forward to hearing from you