Environmental Impact

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Environmental Impact
Comments by Denis Sauvageau - 5 Jan 2010

I am happy to see that you recognize the difference between traditional agricultural practices and industrial livestock production which has tons of issues in addition to the GHG concerns which you are raising. I live 5 km away from a pig factory which has a daily population of 50,000 hogs. The promises they made in the promotional stages of this development were all lies. I do hope that your organization is not placing all livestock in the same light when discussing environmental issues. My research clearly points to the large increases in livestock GHG to the so called modern practices which depend on government dollars and end up shutting down more sustainable farmers who weren’t cutting corners.

I assume that you are aware of methane digesters which are being used in many EU countries to capture the methane from the manure to generate electricity amongst other benefits.

Denis Sauvageau