Egg Production: Facts That People Should Know


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Egg Production: Facts That People Should Know
Comments by Jack Wiley - 21 Jul 2009

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Egg Production: Facts That People Should Know

The chickens diet consists of both vegetation and animal meat. Keep in mind animal and plant based protein is only around 17% of a layer hens daily total free-range diet. The free range chicken is able to keep this percentile without it varying much all summer long without knowledge of it whatsoever. It is oblivious to sciences as anatomy, biology and the like. They normally only eat enough animal protein to properly digest their plant diet.

In the reverse dogs will eat grass to help settle their stomach since dogs instinctively have a meat based diet. They do this with no instruction, you are of the view that humans should know better, but

I am personally of the belief that the animals know better and are more spiritually connected with god than any human could possibly be (because we live in an absolute corrupt world) they are given direct instinctive genetic instructions by god. We are also given these instinctive genetic instructions but we loose touch with those through the material world.

Eating mass quantities of meat is of course bad for you, even my chickens know that. but a small amount of animal based proteins allows full utilization of the plant based proteins. A daily portion of animal proteins is beneficial and work hand in hand with the plant proteins in digestion and absorption. The chicken understands this and does what it does naturally. In humans that does not mean it has to be meat, it can be milk, or eggs!

For those who choose a meat free diet. Can you live healthy only on plants? I would say yes. But I think that is a luxury. As we have seasons and canning can only go so far to help due to loss of nutritional value. And some things are probably not digested correctly making the body work overtime which could affect long term health but all people are different in how their body adapts to different diets.

I have tried doing a only veg diet in college but I was only able to do it for a month before I started having extreme stomach and intestinal pains. I introduced milk back Into my diet and and it started getting better.

We both agree on one main issue though, the caged mass production chicken and animal farms are horrible and must end. But I really feel the best way to end this type of cruelty is for people who choose to eat meat, (which will always exist) should go to small local sustainable farms for those products. That will open up opportunity for small struggling farmers to produce small scale humane chicken operations where debeaking, dead chickens lying in a crowded pens for weeks, and mass disease does not exist. And will destroy the demand for mass chicken and other animal farming where the cruelty is ridiculous and unwarranted.

Being a Vegan is one way, but since there will always be people who can't or won't give up animal products small local humane sustainable free range farms are a great alternative. In conjunction with the vegan choice, is one of the quickest ways to end this cruelty.

Also about the fertilizer issue your 100% right and I should have known that because I use cattail and cornstalk mash from my alcohol fuel production as a fertilizer Though I do mix it with the chicken manure.

I do not take joy in killing animals, it does not make me feel like more of a man or make me feel powerful. I make it as swift as possible as I hate suffering. And I Apologize and thank the animal for it's sacrifice, not only for me but also the sustainability of the flock.

One native story goes like this, a young hunter was out looking for a deer to feed his sick tribe in the worst part of the winter months, he walked slowly through the woods and came across a deer that was exactly the size he needed to feed the sick and starving. He did not shoot. He spoke to the spirit of the deer and explained his situation, and asked the deer if he would be willing to sacrifice himself for his family, the spirit of the deer thought it over and decided that his body was aging and that a swift earthly death to help this mans tribe was honorable and he agreed, the young hunter thanked the deer for his sacrifice and delivered the arrow for an instant kill. He then prayed for the spirit of the animal and blessed the ground his earthly spirit vessel laid on. I guess what I'm trying to say is you can kill the vessel the spirit uses in this existence but you can't kill the spirit. That's immortal.