Egg Production: Facts That People Should Know


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Egg Production: Facts That People Should Know
Comments by Frank and Mary Hoffman - 21 Jul 2009

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Egg Production: Facts That People Should Know

Dear Jack:

We well understand the spiritual part of all human and animal life. God created us all as living souls; thus, we are spiritually immortal. However, your deer story aside, this does not take away from the every living beings desire to live.

We disagree with your health scenario. Elephants and Cattle don't need any animal protein to grow large healthy bodies, and neither do we. In fact, feeding animal protein to cattle is what brought about mad cow disease. We've been vegan for over 22 years, and we are in better health than we ever were. You should look at our health section. We also had a very healthy 70 pound vegan dog who lived over 15 years before dying from complications from an insect bite.

You seem to be a rarity among small sustainable animal farmers. We've seen some horrific cruelty on these as well as the large factory farms. This experience has really turned us against all commercial animal farming, because there is no way to control the way animals are treated, and the market is driven by money first and foremost; compassion runs a distant second, if it even exists at all.

And even though you consider yourself to be a humane farmer, there really is no way to truly be humane when we cause the death of another living being.

We hope you understand.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary