Egg Production: Facts That People Should Know


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Egg Production: Facts That People Should Know
Comments by Frank and Mary Hoffman - 20 Jul 2009

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Egg Production: Facts That People Should Know

Dear Jack:

We are happy to hear that you don't kill the baby males when they hatch, but they still end up getting slaughtered, which does bother us, as human beings do not need to eat animal flesh or bodily secretions to be healthy. In fact, humans would be much more healthy if they ate a vegan diet.

You are also mistaken about chickens needing animal protein to digest plant protein.

Vegan-organic farming, where no animal waste is added to the soil, has crops that are the most nutritious, which disproved your argument about animal waste being necessary for growing nutritious food.

We know that some animals kill other animals, and we have to leave their change up to God, but God has given us the ability to rise above all that death and destruction that is upon this corrupted earth. We can and should live according to His creation and heavenly will, where there was and is no death.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary