Demonization of Animals

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Demonization of Animals
Comments by Cee - 5 Aug 2008

Hi Bonnie,

I must start off by saying that, your photography is PHENOMENAL!!!

Then, that comments as the one in which you came across to the editor are VERY OFFENSIVE to I can tell are to you, as well.

If you take this opportunity to reply with your own comment to the editor...I ask that you do so with one or more of your amazingly soulful animal photos...captioned with a pithy comment...which slaps this despicably erroneous comment in the face.

Taken further, a photo/video display of the TOTAL DEMONIC EVIL human beings who, e.g., torture and viciously attack/hack/slaughter innocent and defenseless dogs/cats for their meat/fur... speaks a thousand words of HUMAN EVIL.

Very truly for the animals who suffer at the hands of man,


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