Demonization of Animals

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Demonization of Animals
Comments by Bonnie - 5 Aug 2008

Greetings everyone:

I came across a letter to the editor that really confounded me. It was in regard to a tragic slaying on a Greyhound bus that happened recently in Canada, an innocent man was killed by the guy sitting next to him, who was obviously, from all newspaper accounts, deranged.

So: tragic event. Very sad. Lots of comments.

Here's the one I didn't like at all:

"Clearly, with people such as this (the murderer), there is a "heart of darkness" that, as with wild animals, is uncontrollable and irreconcilable with society and morality....We must band together and use our common humanity to eradicate the evil that would bring some of us to a level below that of animals...."

My problem - what heart of darkness? Who said animals have a dark heart, and also - some animals are above us in their morality - I'm thinking right now of geese that mate for life and express their love every day to their mate through acts of kindness. Also, my cat is the kindest soul I know - so forgiving of me it's unbearable. I don't get how some people, when they see humans act atrociously, automatically turn their thoughts to animals.

The guy on the Greyhound bus who was stabbed, dozens and dozens of times: nobody came to his rescue. Nobody on the bus tried to subdue the murderer. They watched.

Which doesn't say much for the human species I think.


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