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Question 2:
What can we as believing Christian vegetarians and vegans do to change the view that Christianity supports flesh eating?

Submitted by: Donna Minter 31 May 1998

Perhaps we could each look at our own reasons for becoming veg*n, and then clearly and simply articulate them in a nondefensive manner is a way to start.  Here are my thoughts about my personal decision to adopt a vegan diet/lifestyle:

First, the ideas that convinced me to follow the vegan way as a Christian was my commitment to seeking and following Truth as it is presented to me.  Jesus said "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life."  Looking at the massive amounts of nutrition research that indicates that eating a plant-based diet is better than eating animal products and thus a healthy vegan diet will likely allow me to live a longer, happier, healthier life, convinced me that indeed the vegan way would point me in the direction of Truth, as Jesus does.  I want to follow Jesus in my every day life and so following logical ideas that have been shown by science to be evidence of truth also makes sense to me.  In a very clear way, the ideas we glean from well done, nonbiased scientific research can be tools toward the Truth that Jesus represents.

Second, having grown up in a religious tradition that historically has taught nonviolence, I see my choice to not be involved in the disrespect (e.g. factory farming, hormone injection for greater production) and killing of animals as a natural extension of my nonviolence beliefs.

Third, a Christian response to world hunger is to be aware of what I eat each day.    There is a book called Rich Christians in an Age of Hunger by Ron Sider, which speaks to very practical ways that diet choices can make a difference.

I am interested to hear how others on the Veg-Christian listserve came to their personal decision to  follow the veg*n way.

Toward the Truth that Christ's shows,


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