Is Cremation Biblically Acceptable?Is Cremation Biblically Acceptable?
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By Fleur Wiorkowski - 26 Feb 2006

I think most of the opposition to cremation comes from the idea that when the resurrection comes (if you believe in an actual body resurrection) then there will be nothing to resurrect - to me that doesn't make sense because God made everything out of nothing - so if He wants to make me a new body He certainly can (plus, my own beliefs really don't lend themselves to bodily resurrection anyway). . .

My problem with actual burial is that I find it wasteful - of space and money - plus, to me what is left after an a person dies (human or animal) is really just a shell - worthy of respect, but only related to the person because I relate it to them . . . so I want to be cremated and had my recently deceased cat cremated . . .


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