Christianity and the Problem of Human Violence


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Christianity and the Problem of Human Violence
Comments by Frank and Mary Hoffman - 15 Feb 2010

In Reference to the essay series: Christianity and the Problem of Human Violence - Chapter 93

Dear Fritz:

We agree that some animals are carnivores, but as the Bible teaches us, one day all humans and animals will again be vegans.

We have also found that since we don't eat animals, and thus don't smell like a carnivore, we are able to get a lot closer to wild animals.

Our large dog, Heidi, was vegan all of her life, and she lived a very healthy life, only to die of complications from an insect bite at age 15. We believe that she could have lived almost twice her expected life span of 10 years. To us these show the truth about Isaiah's prophecy, and makes us believe that it can happen in the here and now.

We have been to a few Quaker gatherings, and like their philosophy on peaceful living.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary