Christianity and the Problem of Human Violence


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Christianity and the Problem of Human Violence
Comments by Fritz-Lorenz Doerring - 15 Feb 2010

In Reference to the essay series: Christianity and the Problem of Human Violence - Chapter 93

Dear Frank and Mary,

I appreciate that you feel secure in your personal belief of vegan attributes, and am myself convinced of your personal correctness in this. I do defer though in belief that such would be right for every human and other creature.

There is such thing in nature as adaptability, and it also is most likely a continuum, like all other things seem to be.

It may be purely environmental among some species, and seems most available to us humans, but the design of many creatures is obviously for purpose of distinctively unique daily bread. Take just one or two examples: The Koala, who exist only on Eucalyptus leaves, and the “Raccoon related” bears of China, who have to have bamboo as their nutritive diet. So, I think that particular diet is determined for each, as their bodily systems have either been designed, or become lifetime habituated, or “addicted” to. I ask you to concede me that possibility, since as you likely realize: “All Things Are Possible” in this massive Universe.

And perhaps that is enough perusal for present. I enjoy this conversation with you folk. May we continue?

Friend, Fritz-Lorenz

P.S. The Term, “Friend”, in my personal, vocabulary, is not just congeniality. I am of Quaker persuasion today. I tell you of this that you may be better acquainted to my philosophical stance. F.