Christianity and the Problem of Human Violence


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Christianity and the Problem of Human Violence
Comments by Frank and Mary Hoffman - 13 Feb 2010

In Reference to the essay series: Christianity and the Problem of Human Violence - Chapter 93

Dear Fritz-Lorenz:

We've been thinking more about what you commented on a couple of weeks ago, and wanted to ask a couple of follow-up questions and comments.

In reference to your comments about no-kill shelters, do you mean that we should put to sleep all the animals after a certain period of time if the only way to keep them is in a cage? Or, are you referring to only the unadoptable animals?

We also have a concern about what they are fed. If they are fed other animals, then they have to die to keep the shelter animals alive, which isn't really humane or loving. If they are fed a vegan diet like we fed our very healthy companion dog, then that is humane. We need to look at all aspects of what it means to be truly non-violent and loving.

This brings us back to your former dairy operations. You said that they were both your livelihood and your companions in some cases. Does that mean that you kept the companions until they died a natural death, or were they also sent to slaughter? What happened to the male calves?

We have been struggling with the rampant cruelty we have witnessed on both factory farms and small family farms, and heard them say similar things about their animals that you have, but their actions showed that they scapegoated their animals and blamed them for their pain and suffering. However, your writing seems to indicate a deeper understanding and appreciation for life and we'd like to explore this with you.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary