Christianity and the Problem of Human Violence


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Christianity and the Problem of Human Violence
Comments by Fritz-Lorenz Doerring - 31 Jan 2010

In Reference to the essay series: Christianity and the Problem of Human Violence - Chapter 93

I am an ex-dairy and livestock production farm boy, and was trained to give primary care to those live creatures, over and above our own human comfort: For they were our livelihood, our companions in some cases, and fully entitled to existence, as endowed with “life” as we humans are.

I abhor the use of them as purely profit machines as in “puppy-mills” and similar operations, BUT, I also abhor the retention of un-socialized, or possibly better said, un-human culture-ized creatures, in so called protective confinement.

I refer to “no-kill” (shelters?) for example. Those animals that have been raised without friendly human contact, are in effect wild, and can be considered as jailed or enslaved for some irrational “human” satisfaction, even though they may be fed and kept clean.

Folks, put yourself in their position. Wouldn’t you rather be dead? That is, if you can’t be released safely in present society.

And, animals have in their own nature, to dispose of those in the wild, who no longer, or because of aberrant nature, do not fit that society.

For creatures that cannot be adapted to “what-is”, let us be kind enough, and thoughtful enough, to painlessly ease those away from, even for them a “mentally” distressing situation, by putting them to sleep away from a life they like us, can obviously not endure. I don’t believe that they themselves are capable of making such a decision; so by our own superior reasoning power, this is our human responsibility!

Fritz-Lorenz Doerring