Christianity and the Problem of Human Violence


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Christianity and the Problem of Human Violence
Comments by Fritz-Lorenz Doerring - 30 Jan 2010

In Reference to the essay series: Christianity and the Problem of Human Violence - Chapter 91

I feel that there is a Grand Eternal Plan of God, that exists also eternally. It is pictured well in the tale of Pinocchio and Gioppetto. (spelling?) A created being by the Carver, which is not complete until making choice.

The Creator willed that the creation would choose to be as Himself, but as The Creator himself has free will, that choice had to be also part of the creation.

When the choice is made to be like The Creator, then the creation becomes truly like Him, and is a Child of Him, and in continuum, is a part of Him. The Trinity is a picture of this. The Word, and The Spirit being One with God, yet having individual characteristic, which the Creation by choice, can join.

Is this Mormon, (Latter Day Saint’s thinking?) I’m not sure, but I do not feel that in choosing to be like God, we will gain immediately all of His attributes fully. It merely indicates desire to be mimetic of Him, which may through the teaching of His Word, and understanding through His Spirit, and accepting to Love, as The Father loves, gradually in eternity, be accomplished. – We will grow up from childhood to eventual Maturity.

But, all this will only be able to be with the removal of Satanic influence in ourselves, which is accomplished by Jesus Christ’s willing sacrifice for us, and our firm belief and mimetic action of Him.

Please Critique This!!

In God’s Love,